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Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Tribute

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The OU presents a loving concert tribute honoring Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Zt''l, the musical genius whose inspired melodies and teachings indelibly touched the world...a digitally rendered, twenty-five song, seventy minute recording of an unforgettable evening of rejoicing and reminiscing.


Produced, directed and arranged by Sam Glaser.

Featuring: Michael Ian Elias, Voice of L.A. Choir, Cantor Paul Glasser, Robby Helperin, Sam Glaser, Dr. Mark Goldenberg, Cantor Baruch Cohon, Cantor Yossi Perles, Avshalom Katz and Cantor Ephraim Levitz


A portion of proceeds benefit The Carlebach Foundation and NCSY.

Publication Date
No.of Songs
Running Time
Digital Download
70 Min.
SONG TITLES: 1. Kraticha Kah 2. Tov L'hodot 3. Lulai Torat'cha 4. Nigun Medley 5. L'ma'an Achai 6. Adir Hu/Mikimi 7. Asher Bara 8. V'ha'er Eyneynu 9. Han'shama Lach 10. Gam Ki Elech/Bo'i B'shalom 11. Mizmor Shir 12. Shifchi Kamayim 13. Hashmi'ini 14. Simcha L'artzecha 15. Od Yishoma Medley 16. Borchi Nafshi 17. Ein Kelokeinu 18. Am Yisrael Chai/Yisrael B'tach Bashem/Uva'u Haovdim
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