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The Bridge

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The Bridge...a jubilant collection of fifteen new songs celebrating the unifying themes that bind the Jewish people. Sponsored by Israel's Common Denominator organization, The Bridge marks Sam Glaser's sixth Jewish album and the culmination of a decade of concert tours reaching out to hundreds of Jewish communities worldwide. Recorded in 24 bit digital audio, Sam and his nine piece band continue to set the standard in production values and creative vision.
Publication Date
No.of Songs
Running Time
68 Min.
SONG TITLES: 1. In Israel 2. Hashem Hoshia 3. Al Shlosha D'varim 4. Od Yishama 5. Baruch Hamakom 6. Adon Olam 7. Im Eyn Ani Li 8. Mikolot 9. Ki Heym Chayeynu 10. Eyes Are Open 11. Love to Understand 12. Kad'sheynu 13. Halelu 14. Hiney Ma Tov 15. Raindance


Customer Reviews
Mindy Chakov, Fresno, CA
"Your CD arrived, The Bridge. It's your best so far, if that's possible (shame on me to downplay your previous ones.) The abundance of instruments, the beautiful harmonies, of course your voice (it improves with age,) and the variety of styles simply has all the ingredients of a treasured gem. In listening to "The Bridge," there's an everlasting desire to sit back and just listen and then the urge to get up and dance. No doubt, your music grows on me and I didn't think it was possible since I loved every note the FIRST time I heard it. That is so rare to hear songs that you hear the first time and fall in love from the start. You truly have a gift. The tunes are fabulous, but even more the lyrics are extraordinary. And the traditional songs with new tunes, Adon Olam, Hiney Ma Tov to name a few are just new fun ones to add to the collection. I even sense a touch of salsa in "Od Yishama." It's a perfect one to put in for a request at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I can also imagine our teens singing the songs at their conclaves and get togethers. I will certainly be sharing this CD with everyone. Thank you again, for "The Bridge." May it's meaning stand tall and wide for people to listen and learn for many years to come. I'm a fan hooked forever!"
Jewish Community Online
"The Bridge is a vibrant and energetic extension of Sam's life focus Jewish pride and unity. Accompanied by his accomplished 9 piece band, Sam's heartfelt vocals and harmonies, are sure to move you to sing, dance, and celebrate together."
One of Sam's best CD's! Really shows off his musical talent
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