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Sam’s first three CDs predate his work in the Jewish world.  This is secular music but is filled with meaning and insight and gives the listener a view into Sam’s early production and songwriting style.  Now available as a specially priced 3 CD set, these groovin’ albums features Sam’s Thursday Night Band, an acclaimed group of master musicians that toured the clubs of Southern California in the 80’s.

Also available is O/See What You Want, a collaboration between Sam Glaser and his best buddy, creative giant Ramiro Fauve.  It contains over sixty minutes of Pink Floyd/Yes/Coldplay-style rock that covers such themes as universal brotherhood and connection.

Digital downloads create a convenient and economical way to enjoy the music and take it with you on the road.  Like all mp3’s, the file size has been compressed, but with fidelity rates that exceed what one might encounter on the best of itunes-style downloads.

Samglaser.com is the best place to buy Sam’s music!  Special deals include deep discounts with quantity purchases, flat rate shipping regardless of quantity and a free full length CD included with every CD order.  Album downloads typically include 15 songs, making the per song price around 65¢ each!

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