What people are saying about Sam Glaser:

"I am an avid Jewish music listener, and invariably when I want to be inspired, uplifted, and feel like life is full of nothing but magnificently rich possibilities, I listen to the music of Sam Glaser. His tunes are brimming with the boundless spirit our generation so desperately needs to connect with."
Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf, Founder, Jewish Literacy Foundation

"You touched the hearts and souls of all of us with your realness, passion and honesty. You changed the face of Tidewater, people here are now listening to Jewish music ­ your music. It is in their cars and homes. My children choose to listen to you instead of the Beatles."
Karen Lombart, United Hebrew School, VA

"Sam Glaser is a very talented guy. I have all his CDs and have enjoyed listening to them very much...he brings new life to Jewish music"
Kirk Douglas

"Sam is the most dynamic and positive musical influence on the Jewish scene today. His ability to show people the spirit and hip-ness of Judaism makes him the best candidate to bring Jews back to their roots."
Rabbi Ben Zion Kravitz, Founder, Jews for Judaism Crisis Intervention Center

"You calibrated your program perfectly...the huge crowd remained with you until the spirited end...what better testimonial is there to a performer."
Rabbi Alan Kalinsky (Director, Orthodox Union, West Coast)

"Sam Glaser is, in my opinion, the most prolific and consistently excellent composer of Jewish music alive. His compositions encourage Jews at all levels of awareness to embrace and celebrate their heritage. The music is delicate, intricate, exuberant, and celebratory. It nourishes and educates and is some of the most inspiring music I have ever heard."
Mat Gurman, Session Guitarist with Beach Boys, Back Street Boys, k.d. lang

"To cause someone to get goosebumps, to bring about tears, or to invoke laughter through music is not an easy task. But Sam Glaser has done just that."
Jewish Image, Chicago

“For the past couple of decades, Glaser has been Mr. Jewish Music. Most remarkable is that his spiritual ballads and solid rock beats have attracted multitudes of groupies equally split between Reform, Conservative and Orthodox communities.”
David Suissa, Founder of Olam Magazine

"Seeing you last night warmed my heart. What a great Chanukah present to see you in concert. I never get tired of watching people enjoy your music...it's great to see them discover how incredible you are. If I could only give you back some small piece of everything that you have given me and so many other people..."
Courtney Chrisler, IL, College Student

"Glaser touches the Jewish soul with his songs, motivating both children and adults to learn more about their heritage and imbuing them with a newfound enthusiasm about their religion."
National Jewish News

"You have a natural gift to create teachable moments during your concert. Your incredible musical gift combined with the love you show for G-d and the fun you have performing has been very inspirational for me each of the three times I've seen you. You've provided me with a memory to recall so I can reconnect with that special feeling of spirituality. I thank you for that!"
Jody Schwartz, Kalamzoo, MI

"I am so impressed by your verve and depth of feeling in your concerts and classes. You are one of the most dynamic performers of this generation."
Shoshanah Ault, Educator, Beth Israel Temple, Cleveland

"A beautiful combination of eloquent modern music from today's world united with ancient spiritual messages that touch the soul. Your CDs are some of the most popular in the Cardozo household."
Rabbi Natan Lopes Cardozo, Dean, David Cardozo Academy, Jerusalem

"Sam's Yiddishe neshama has indelibly touched the world Jewish community. His melodies are beautiful, his words meaningful..."
Ruth Rauch, Founder, Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity

"Glaser's musical catalog is slickly produced, impeccably arranged and compares favorably with Hollywood's top artists...each of his many releases has its own cohesiveness and depth"
B'nai Brith Messenger

"Thank you for making our weekend a great success ­ your contributions in the davening, music and "hevra-schaft" were terrific."
Bentzion Kogen, Principal, L.A. Hebrew High School

"Your music and your thoughts have added another dimension and layer to the fabric that makes up this community. The sound of your voice still floats in and around the classrooms and social hall with the call of Hineni!"
Dee Beldyk, Administrator, Beth Israel Congregation, SC

"It was a wonderful afternoon for this community, a terrific opportunity for great Jewish edu-tainment! The kids in the choir will always remember the chance they had to be Jewish stars for the day."
Lenora Stein, Executive Director, Carolina Agency For Jewish Education, NC

"Sam Glaser is a master of modern midrash...interpreting Jewish tradition for the Jewish community, taking what has been and bringing it into today's Jewish experience.
Marjorie Yudkin, Director of Hillel, Lafayette College

"I've been listening to your CDs at least 5-10 times a day...your inspiration has given me the push I needed to restructure my life to allow for the celebration of Shabbat."
Pamela Sezzin, College Student, Garden Grove, CA

"Wow! What great music! Your CDs are way above most Jewish music I have heard, both musically and technically. Your words are clear and messages powerful, with something in your songs for every age group. You can be sure that our listeners in Philadelphia will be hearing lots of music by Sam Glaser."
Barry Reisman, WSSJ Radio, Camden, NJ

What can I say? What a blast it was...I had so much fun. I thought you'd enjoy some of these comments from last night:"My kids made me buy another CD just to keep in the car.""Not only was this a wonderful performance but it was a great educational experience.""Simply fantastic. Unbelieveable show.""His music moves your soul.""He took our breath away.""Even the people in the cheap seats were rockin'"
Meris Rusow, Program Coordinator, Albany, NY