the possible you seminar

What is The Possible You?

The Possible You is a groundbreaking seminar that creates the space for participants to realize their unlimited potential. It is rapidly growing in popularity and is offered in Israel, the US, UK and Canada. There are now over 3000 supercharged alumni worldwide that credit The Possible You with initiating transformation in their lives.

With an intensely paced delivery of profound insights coupled with music, visual aids and group sharing, a crucial set of life tools are communicated to the full spectrum of learners in all modalities. Originated by renowned Jerusalem-based teacher Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, The Possible You is an amalgamation of the wisdom of Torah, kabbalah and mussar. While its message and mode of delivery is tailor-made for the Jewish soul, The Possible You is available for people of all backgrounds.

This step-by-step, eighteen hour course investigates what makes each of us tick. Participants work in new realms of trust and commitment, connecting with truth, respect for one another and self awareness. Participants enter as strangers and leave as allies, taking a stand for each other’s success in life. They open the door to estranged family members and experience real healing for wounds gathered over life’s journey.

Sam Glaser has been working hand in hand with his brother Yom Tov to customize the seminar for American students. He meticulously follows the established Possible You syllabus while giving the sessions his unique spin.

How does it work?

We know that the most valuable parts of our lives are made up of relationships and other seemingly mundane interactions. How can we learn to transform and maximize these and live within the full potential of who we truly can be?

During childhood we inevitably acquire fears and negative patterns which begin to shape a self-emerging identity. These patterns follow us into adulthood without our consent and eventually manifest into problems within relationships and our own feelings of self-worth, limiting our potential for growth and happiness.

The Possible You begins by taking you through your past, showing you who you have been and who you have become. You will learn to identify these fears and beliefs and the impacts they have had on your life and those around you. Only then can you see how you can begin to transform your entire life with family, friends, financial dealings, parenting and child rearing.

The fears that once limited you are now available for you to utilize and now the process of self transformation begins. Barriers between family and friends and self imposed limitations are dissolved. You learn to deeply value your relationships and become honest, open and loving in your everyday interactions. Suddenly the world becomes an open playground awaiting your input and unique light. Every decision becomes a powerful positive step.

You have begun living the possible you…