the possible you testimonials

“The seminar week was one of the best experiences of my life”

"My partner thanks you, my employees thank you and I thank you for opening my eyes so profoundly."

“The seminar coaches were so committed to the group, they phoned me nearly every day ensuring that I had got what I need out of the classes”

“After this week, I truly am committed to being a better husband and father”

“The Possible You Seminar enabled me to take responsibility for my life”

"This may sound crazy but my tunnel vision disappeared completely at that last session. After five years of suffering now all I need to do is consciously relax and my peripheral vision comes back."

"Just yesterday, twice I had to walk into a room of strangers, and unlike the past where I would shrink to a corner (sometimes physically, always mentally), I just stood my ground, relaxed, and took in the whole room with all the people."

"Since your seminar, I am experiencing life more intensely. Simchas 'get to me' more, and I'm back to my happy self. (More is an understatement. I used to put up a wall and be stoic about almost everything.)"

"My wife really appreciates her new husband. Especially since the effects have not disappeared, even now at four weeks and not one serious disagreement later."

"Ever since I became Observant my family felt alienated from me. As a result of The Possible You we have come back together and today we're celebrating our Judaism with one another.”

"The Possible You gave me the tools to start dating for the right reasons”

“The information is presented in the most amazing way. I couldn't imagine myself sitting for so long and somehow the time flew by. I didn't want it to end!”

“Sam Glaser is so loving and compassionate.  This seminar came from such a giving place…it gave me new perspective on my life and my actions.  I recommend this to anyone who can take it on with an open heart.”

“The Possible You is an excellent tool to understand the beliefs that shape your life.  It gave me a new perspective on how my judgment affects my perception of reality and how to take on life fearlessly.”

“Sam, you are a superstar presenter.  I think it’s amazing how you presented the intense amount of material and incorporated your moving music and meditation skills.  I came into this seminar not knowing how you would handle my ADHD, nervous and reluctant.  I didn’t think there was any way I could stay for 20 hours let alone 2 hours.  The time flew by and I left wanting more.  Thanks for sharing your immense gifts.”